Thurs April 26 to Sat April 28, 2012
Perimeter Institute


Click on the title for a description of the Workshop, together with links to resources provided by the presenter.


No. Title Presenter Room
8:55 am Keynote Address Dr. Neil Turok Theatre
Session A: Friday 10:45 am - Noon
01 Understanding Quantum Mechanics Dr. Lucien Hardy TBA
02 Tour of the Institute of Quantum Computing Martin LaForest


03 Getting the H O T S for Brain Based Physics Dave Doucette


04 Art, Drama and Candy in Physics Lisa Lim-Cole TBA
05 Grade 10: Optics Jason Harlow TBA
06 Differentiated Scientific Inquiry (grades 6 - 12) Chris Howes TBA
Session B: Friday 1:30 pm - 2:45 pm
07 Quantum Computing Dr. Michele Mosca TBA
08 Why Take Physics Caroline Burgess TBA
09 Revolutions in Science: Making Models in Science Richard Epp


10 Engineering with Electricity and Magnetism Micah Stickel TBA
11 Grade 10 Biophysics Activities Margaret Greenberg TBA
12 Creativity and Hands On Learning (grades 6 - 12) Marilyn Orszulik TBA
Session C - Friday 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm
13 The Big Bang and the Biggest Things Dr. Louis Leblond TBA
14 The Physics of the Nervous System

Dr. Deda Gillespie.
Dr. Dan Goldreich

15 Using the History of Physics to Teach... Physics Shawn Bullock TBA
16 Minute to Win It Nadia Camara TBA
17 Grade Nine: Beyond the Atom Greg MacDonald TBA
18 Inquiry Learning with Smarter Science (grades 6 - 12) Mike Newnham TBA
4:15 The Great Giveaway   TBA
4:30 Higgs-a-palooza at the LHC? Dr. Cliff Burgess TBA
Session D - Saturday 9:00 am - 10:15 am
19 Not Offered    
20 Engaging Students for Test Review: Teams, Games and Tournament Glen Wagner TBA
21 Physics Math and Music Rolly Meisel TBA
22 You Tube Physics James Ball TBA
23 Can we Offer12C Physics? Richard Taylor TBA
24 Gotta Get Gizmo! CANCELLED    
Session E - Saturday 10:30 am - 12:15 am
25 Not Offered    
26 New PI resource: Particle Physics Damien Pope, Dave Fish TBA
27 The Kitchener Anamorph: Creating Public Art with Math Jim Hunt TBA
28 Best of Demo Corner Ernie McFarland, Rolly Meisel,
Diana Hall, Martin Williams
29 Cooperative Group Physics - Experience the Difference Chris Meyer TBA
30 The Frilly Bits (grades 6 - 12) John Caranci TBA
12:15 pm Closing Remarks and invitation to lunch Roberta Tevlin TBA