26 April - 28 April 2012


Dave Doucette

Dave Doucette

Getting the H O T S* for Brain Based Physics

‘Getting the H.O.T.S. for Physics, by bridging physics education research (PER) into tested classroom practices, has long been Dave’s mantra . Plastic bows and arrows, dart guns, superballs, yo-yos – a trove of simple toys & gadgets - are inexpensive ‘hooks’ to engage students in rich learning activities with simple manipulables. The goal - a new generation of physicists, engineers and technologists with the skills & habits of critical thinkers. Dave will guide participants in developing guided inquiry worksheets which incorporate the very latest in brain based research. Yagottaloveit!

* Higher Order Thinking Skills

Handouts from Dave's Presentation:

Brain -Based Learning

Energy-Speed Lab


Sound Stations

Dave, once an innocent cognitive psychologist and chemistry teacher, was seduced by the evil lore of the physics empire a long time ago…well, actually, they made me teach physics, but the empire story is a far better lead! Since I was conscripted to teach a foreign subject like physics (I avoided it like the plague in university), I thought it best to seek mentorship. Found it in an OISE library aisle – a book by Arnold Arons ‘An Introductory Guide to Physics Teaching’ – the seminal book on physics education research (PER). Arnold and generous colleagues like Doug Abe, guided Dave along a fascinating journey to the dark side of physics education – oops, there we go again. Bottom line, Dave’s a ‘born again physicist’ – got a passion for teaching physics that just won’t quit. And he’ s preached that passion in >150 teacher workshops and numerous articles. It’s a calling. Like a Jedi - without the shmarmy light-sabre.