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Ontario Association of Physics Teachers Annual Conference
May 22 - 24 2003


Abstracts and Papers
Presented at the Conference

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George Argenti Tribes
Jerry Battista What's a nice Physicist like you doing in a hospital?
Johann Beda and other members of OPETA
Photonics - Optics and Lasers From Grade School to Grad School
Shawn Bulloch Conceptual Physics
Blaine Chronik Neat Examples from Medical Physics
Bernard Conway Measuring the Marathon
Dave Doucette and Dave Lanziner Getting the HOTS for Physics.
(Higher Order Thinking Skills)
William Dykshoorn Simulating Physics Using Computers
Holly Ellinor UWO Physics: Having Phun in New Mexico
Richard Epp

Underpinnings of Relativity & Quantum Physics

Dan Falk The Quest for the Theory of Everything
Aaron Fenster Medical Imaging in 3-Dimensions and Higher
Pedro Goldman Physics Education in Canada
Jim Hunt Kinematic Illusions and the Precedents of Motion Pictures
Raymond Kennedy An ISU that lasts the whole Semester
Bill Konrad Pasco Workshop
Ernie McFarland& Tom Kehn Seeing Infra Red

Rolly Meisel and Paul Passafiume

Elzbieta Muir "Stratospheric jump… it is COOL to be up to speed with HOT topics in Physics".

Joanne O'Meara What can I do with a Physics Degree?
David & Jean Surry Reflections on Two Careers
John Twelves The Physics of Law Enforcement: Analysis of Traffic Accidents
Glenn Wagner The Force Concept Inventory



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