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Downloads from the 2013 OAPT Conference

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Shawn Brooks and Lisa Lim-Cole: Climate Change(500 MB)

Lisa Lim-Cole: Test Tube Rainbow

David Harrison: Student Guide

Email David Harrison for the Teacher Guide

Roberta Tevlin: Three Models of Light

Visit Roberta Tevlin's Web Site for More Resources

Richard Taylor: 12C Physics

James Ball: What the Higgs? (66 MB)

Dave Doucette: Getting the HOTS with Brain Research

John Caranci: The Frilly Bits

Dave Fish: Common Sense Relativity

Dave Fish: Process of Science

Sara Cormier: Biophysics in the Classroom

Chris Meyer: Keynote

Chris Meyer: Workshops

Tetyana Antimirova and Ana Pejovic-Milic: Medical Physics

Val Kapoustine: Dye Solar Cells

Glenn Wagner: Retrieval Practices That Make Learning Sticky

Glenn Wagner: Using Diagnostic Tests to Evaluate Student Understanding

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