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The OAPT Grade 11 Physics Contest is sponsored by the University of Toronto – Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty. Special thanks to Ali Sheikholeslami and Jack Sun of the Rogers Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The online version is free for all participating secondary schools. A paper version of the contest is also available.

The date for the contest is Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Prizes for the OAPT Grade 11 Physics Contest top finishers provided by:

York University
University of Toronto
Western University
Canada's Wonderland

A 3-6 week astronomy summer internship at York University

Details here (.doc format)

1 week at the DEEP Summer Academy, University of Toronto, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

1 week at Western University Engineering’s Summer Academy

Tickets to Canada’s Wonderland

The high schools with the greatest student participation in the 2016 contest:

University of Toronto Schools - 88 students

Bloor Collegiate Institute - 73 students

Northview Heights S.S. - 68 students

North Park S.S. - 52 students

Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute - 48 students

Agincourt Collegiate Institute - 47 students

Don Mills Collegiate Institute - 42 students

Newmarket High School - 42 students

Ashbury College - 39 students

Woodbride College - 28 students

Frequently Asked Questions About the OAPT Grade 11 Physics Contest

What is the OAPT Grade 11 Physics Contest? The OAPT physics contest is run for students currently attending school in Ontario, taking SPH3U. Schools outside of Ontario are not eligible to offer the current year's contest to its students, however students are welcome to register as a "Visitor". Visitors are able to look at past contests and run them on their computers.

What materials are the contest participants permitted? The students can use non-programmable calculators and scrap paper as required for their rough work. The students should not take the used scrap paper away with them when they leave the contest room.

What is the length of time students have to write the OAPT Grade 11 Physics Contest? The students have 60 minutes to complete it. The contest has 30 multiple choice questions, usually with one or two of those questions based on the previous year's nobel prize in physics, or current events in physics.

What time of day must the OAPT Grade 11 Physics Contest be written? The contest can be written at any time that is convenient on the contest date. If a computer lab is not available until lunch time, for example, that is fine.

Is it easier to administer the computer-based contest or the paper-based contest?

Computer Based:
**Pros - less work for contest coordinators, overall
**Cons - Need available computers on contest day

Paper Based:
**Pros - no technology required for the students
**Cons - photocopying before the contest, and data entry of students answers required after the contest

Link to the Contest Page

Link to Previous Years Questions - Sorted By Topic (a great resource!)

ALSO: once you register on the Contest Page, activate your account, and log in, you have access to many past contests.