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The main function of the group is to promote dialogue amongst teachers of physics at all levels from junior science to graduate school. You can post questions, news that would be of interest to the group, or any other suitable messages. Current hot topic: "teaching physics with new curriculum."

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Tips for a Successful Listserve Experience

Michael Porter

First, avoid just hitting the "reply" button and inserting the entire text of the previous e-mail into your message. Just include the stuff that you are replying directly to and delete the rest.

If you are changing the subject but are on a related topic, change the subject header as well. e.g. if the subject was "introductory stuff" and you wanted to rant about significant figures, the usual method is to change the subject to something like "SigFigs are bad! [was: introductory stuff]".

If you want to start a new subject entirely, rather than replying to an unrelated message and changing the subject header, you should start a new message and address it to oapt@yahoogroups.ca with the appropriate subject line. If you use "reply" to create a message with a new subject (admittedly easier), then it will appear as part of the thread of the old subject in people's e-mail programs (the ones that are set up to show threaded conversations, that is). This is a problem for people like me -- I use the thread feature to track the conversations I'm interested in, and to delete the ones I'm not. This could cause the deletion of messages that I might have been interested in.

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