OAPT American Association of
Physics Teachers

A Visit to the American Center for Physics (ACP)
College Park, MD

by Rolly Meisel

In May of 2007 I was invited to attend a Section Representatives retreat at the ACP as a proxy representative for the Ontario Association of Physics Teachers. I thought our members might like to see a few pictures taken at the retreat.

The ACP is located at One Physics Ellipse in College Park, MD. It would be interesting to obtain an aerial picture of the access road, and determine whether it really is an ellipse.

Physics Ellipse


The ACP is set on 24 acres of parkland, adjacent to the University of Maryland. It is jointly owned by the American Institute of Physics, the American Physical Society, and the American Association of Physics Teachers. The American Association of Physicists in Medicine is a tenant, as is the Society of Physics Students.

Outdoor patios and spacious lawns provide pleasant surroundings for lunch, or a contemplative walk. The ACP includes staff amenities such as an on-site day care, and an exercise room.


Tour of Building

Bernie Khoury (left) offered delegates a tour of the building after dinner one evening. Bernie is the former CEO of the AAPT.

A bust of Niels Bohr stands guard over the Niels Bohr library.

Bust of Niels Bohr

Telegram from Einstein

The library houses a host of reference materials, and also rare papers such as letters and telegrams written by and to famous physicists,

as well as a collection of photographs.


Rolly Meisel & Friend

There are stories of encounters with the shades of departed physicists as one walks the halls of the ACP after hours.

Delegates from American and Canadian sections of the AAPT spent three days in general sessions as well as breakout groups hammering out future directions and goals for the AAPT.


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