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Glenn Wagner

Glenn Wagner


2011 Canadian Association of Physicists Award for Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP Physics (Ontario).

The 2011 CAP Award for Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP Physics - Ontario will be awarded to Mr. Glenn Wagner, Centre Wellington DHS (Centre Wellington, ON), his skill at using differentiated teaching methods to significantly improve student performance. Glenn has established himself as a teacher that draws students into physics. A master at differentiated instruction, Glenn incorporates a broad range of teaching strategies such as peer instruction, interdependent group work, concept mapping, and problem-based learning methods in his classroom. With a track record of turning poor student performance into strong student accomplishment, Glenn has also the author of several research papers on Physics teaching.


2009 Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence (AASTE) Program

Glenn Wagner Centre Wellington District High School Fergus, Ontario Whether designing and implementing experiments with toys or cow eyes, for the past 18 years Glenn Wagner has ensured that his students learn — and can explain what they learn. Wagner believes that deep understanding happens when students work with authentic, meaningful problems where they build and share their knowledge within a community of learners. About those cow eyes? To enhance his optics unit in 11th grade physics, Wagner collects the eyes from a local abattoir and invites students to dissect them, remove the lenses and carry out simple optics experiments. Through this highly engaging activity, students learn about the anatomy of the mammalian eye including the location and function of important features like the retina and optic nerve.