OAPT C O N F E R E N C E 2013
Thurs May 2 to Sat May 4, 2013

Physics Education Research in Action! Conference Photos

Thanks to photographers:

Robert Prior  Rolly Meisel  John Caranci  Patrick Whippey

Panorama Shots by Robert Prior

OAPT Thirty Fifth
Annual Conference


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Dennis Mercier, Lisa Lim-Cole and James Ball welcome delegates to the 2013 OAPT conference at UOIT

Volunteers such as Dennis Mercier, Elizabeth Dunning, Jim Pulikeel and Olivia Lu ensure that registration is quick and efficient

Plenary sessions take place in a large lecture hall

Thursday arrivals enjoy displays and conversation

John Caranci finds physics demos everywhere, such as a very flexible material at the wine & cheese

Ashley Young demonstrates the Doppler Effect

Dr. Justin Keung takes careful aim

Elizabeth Dunning Makes an adjustment

Petrusia Kowalski and Tom Eagan investigate spectra

Eric Haller and others need refreshment after attending thought-provoking workshops

Break time from the second floor

Break time from the fourth floor

Workgroups explore force pairs in Chris Meyer's PER forces workshop

Participants form images with simple pinhole cameras at Roberta's optics workshop

Andrew Moffat, Mhona Russell, Olivia Lu and Ashley Young investigate pinhole cameras

Mojtaba Khezry, Jim Pulikeel and others

Participants explore the bizarre world of polarized light and 3D glasses

Val Kapoustine explains the operation of a photocell using dyes from fruits

Mhona Russell mixes dye solution for an organic photocell

Making an organic photocell is a group effort (Margaret Scora, Richard Taylor, Val Kapoutine and Hasan Shodiev)

Testing the dye photocell

Glenn Wagner presides over the Great Physics Giveaway

Potenial winners of coveted prizes eagerly await the results

James Ball prepares one of the props for the Higgs Boson simulation

Enthusiastic actors turn the Higgs Boson simulation into a dramatic art form

Roberta Tevlin choreographs the Refraction Shuffle

The Dance Troupe reviews its steps for the Refraction Shuffle

The Troupers show their mastery of refraction by illustrating Snell's Law in ballet form

All too soon the Fellowship and Camaraderie of the conference come to an end

Roberta collects the name tags for recycling as planning for the 2014 conference already begins

Plan to attend OAPT 2014 at the University of Toronto

hosted by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Updated July 23 2013 R. Meisel