OAPT C O N F E R E N C E 2012
Thurs April 26 to Sat April 28, 2012
Perimeter Institute

Physics: Opening Doors – Opening Minds Conference Photos

Thanks to photographers:

Robert Prior  Rolly Meisel  David Fowler

Panorama Shots by Robert Prior

Perimeter Institute

OAPT Thirty Fourth
Annual Conference


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The Perimeter Institute Welcomes Delegates to the Conference

Registration is Quick and Painless

PI Food Services Satisfies Delegates Hungry After the Trip to Waterloo

PI Researchers Offer Tours that Demonstrate its Unique Architectural Design

Collaboration Areas are Plentiful and Attractive

Ubiquitous Blackboards are Covered in Tantalizing Equations

Most Delegates Find that they Understand this One

Thursday Evening Offers Physics Speed Dating with PI Researchers

David Skinner Offers Insights into Perplexing Aspects of Spacetime

A Panoramic View of the Physics Speed Dating Session

Greg Dick of PI and OAPT President Roberta Tevlin Welcome Delegates Friday Morning

The Auditorium is Packed with Delegates Eager to Begin the Program

Dr. Neil Turok Offers the Keynote Address: Magic That Works

Dr. Stephen Hawking is one of PI's Most Famous Researchers

Delegates Receive an Assignment: Solve the equation, get a Ph. D.

Some Delegates Visit the Institute for Quantum Computing

Dr. Martin Laforest at the IQC Uses a Molecular Model to Shed Some Light on Quantum Computing

An Experimental Setup at the IQC

PI Food Services Helps Delegates Refuel Minds and Bodies After a Morning of Cutting Edge Physics

Dr. Richard Epp Shows Delegates How to Model Spacetime with a Beach Ball and Tape

"I'm Going to do this at the Beach on Conestogo Lake"

Dr. Louis Leblond Uses a Hockey Stick to Make a Point Concerning the Big Bang

Glenn Wagner Conducts the Great Giveaway, Including a Playbook Donated by RIM

Dr. Cliff Burgess Brings Delegates Up-to-Date on the Search for the Higgs Boson at the LHC

Rolly Meisel Conducts the Soda Straw Orchestra in a Finale to Physics, Math and Music

Ernie McFarland is Assisted by James Ball in the Best of Demonstration Corner Session

Martin Williams Helps Celebrate the Best of Demonstration Corner 25 Years Celebration

Best of Demonstration Corner Continues with Rolly Meisel and the Electric Hot Dog

Diana Hall Shows Delegates Several Approaches to Making a Laser Beam Visible in Best of Demonstration Corner

Ernie McFarland Appears to be Admonishing Homework Slackers
In fact, the Blackboard is Part of a Centre of Mass Demonstration

Diana Hall Invites Interested Teachers to Visit www.dosciencetanzania.org

OAPT President Roberta Tevlin Models OAPT Nametag Fashions as Delegates Assemble for the Final Words

The Prestigious CAP High School Teaching Award for Ontario is presented to Glenn Wagner by Dr. Robert Mann

Ernie McFarland Receives a Commemorative Award for 25 Years of the Demonstration Corner

Diana Hall is Presented with an OAPT Contribution of $1000 Towards DoScienceTanzania

The PI Team of Greg Dick, Dave Fish, Damian Pope and Marie Strickland Receives Many Thanks from Delegates

The PSI Room at PI in Panorama

Plan to Attend OAPT 2013 at UOIT

Updated May 15, 2012 R. Meisel