OAPT AAPT Winter Meeting 2006 AAPT

Section Officers' Exchange

The meeting was called to order by Randy Peterson. Randy reminded us that the alternate site for this meeting had been New Orleans. Delegates and visitors were asked to stand, introduce themselves, and identify their sections. A sign-in sheet was circulated. The section rep from the new Alaska section was welcomed, as were section officers from Hawaii.

Karen Johnson spoke of the Executive Board Planning Retreat scheduled for June of 2006. Karen handed out a one-page summary, and invited ideas from sections as to what the board should be considering during the retreat. Members may download a questionnaire by emailing Karen.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to sharing best and worst practices from section meetings. Section meetings range from 20 to 400 delegates. A total of about 2500 delegates attended AAPT section meetings in 2005. A complete report on these practices will be sent out by AAPT at a future date. A sample section meeting program from the Ohio section was distributed.

Here follow some notes that I made during the discussion:

Best Practices:

Worst Practices:

Other Concerns: