OAPT AAPT Winter Meeting 2006 AAPT

Connecting Physics to Emerging Technologies

1. Integrative Bio Activity Modules: John Pratte

This is a series of physics modules applied to biology to increase biology majors' knowledge, understanding, and application of physics. More information is at science.kennesaw.edu/~jpratte/.

2. Emerging Technologies as Solutions for Environmental Problems: John Smelanka

This is a course designed for elementary and middle school teachers. It includes the basic structure of matter, energy and its manipulation, the history of the universe, the history of life on Earth, process in science, the distinction between science and technology, and basic and applied research. Project assignments are taken from real life. More information is at www.sencer.net.

3. WebCT, Physlets, Labpros: Patricia Allen

This is an introductory, algebra-based physics course. The number of topics has been decreased in order to the integrate technology. All course materials are on WebCT. It includes in class, at home, and physlet activities.

4. Space-Time and Relativity Physlets in High School: Laura Nickerson

Laura teaches at a magnet science high school in Illinois. She is currently on sabbatical at the Wright Center for Science Education, laura.nickerson@tufts.edu. Laura teaches Modern Physics, a one-semester algebra-based elective course in physics. She has been modifying physlets produced by Mario Belloni and Wolfgang Christian for use in high school. These are in the public domain, and can be freely downloaded. The physlets are integrated with the text.

5. Videopoint in High School Sports Biomechanical Research

Videopoint is software that can be used to assign and track points through scaled positions. It does this by tracking pixels in digital video film clips.